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Biofit 12 Seat Cafeteria Table printable version

12 Person Cafeteria Table
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  • Provides seating for 12 adults, larger students or athletes
  • Spacious table surface provides 24'' of space for each occupant
  • Exclusive ComfortRim™ edge profile is gentle on forearms
  • Durable rim is clean and sanitary with no place for crumbs or bacteria
  • Tough, one-piece ABS plastic seats with curved ergonomic edges
  • Seats are solidly anchored to supports, with no holes or fasteners penetrating the top seat surfaces
  • 14-Gauage steel frame, one piece, robotically welded for uniform strength
  • Anti-pinch, recessed vertical hinge protects against injured fingers and trapped food
  • Torsion bar lift assist system, enables easy table folding by a single person
  • Patented adjustable torsion capability allows torque to be reset to original factory specifications
  • Automatic locking mechanism ensures table stays closed and stable when in folded position
  • Also prevents table from riming in center when opened
  • Six non-marring, neoprene casters for smooth, easy moving and straight-line tracking Upright folded height 79 1/2''
BioFit Tables come in a variety of lengths, heights
and seating options to accommodate everyone from
pre-schoolers to adults. All models are built with a
14-guage, robotically welded steel frame to ensure
uniform strength and feature durable, individual ABS
plastic seats or tough laminated bench seats. BioFit
Tables are also available in ADA-compliant versions.

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Biofit Cafeteria Tables
Product No Dimensions L x W x H Seating Capacity Price Each
The Executive w 12 - 12" Round Seats
12F1227 144"L x 60"W x 27"H 12
12F1229 144"L x 60"W x 29"H 12
12F2ADA32 144"L x 60"W x 32H* 10 & 2 Wheelchair
12F4ADA32 144"L x 60"W x 32H* 8 & 4 Wheelchairs
The Intermediate - 10' Table with 12 13" Round Seats
10F1227 120"L x 60"W x 27"H 12
10F1229 120"L x 60"W x 29"H 12
The Instructor - 8' Table w 8 - 13" Round Seats
8F827 96"L X 60"W x 27"H 8
8F929 96"L x 60"W x 29"H 8
The Preschooler - 10' models with 12 - 13" Round Seats
10F1224 120"L x 60"W x 24"H 12
12' Bench Seating - 12' w 2 Benches
12FB27 144''L x 56''W x 27''H 12
12FB29 144''L x 56''W x 29''H 12
12FB32ADA2 144''L x 56''W x 32''H 10 w 2 Wheelchairs
12FB32ADA4 144''L x 56''W x 32''H 8 w 4 Wheelchairs
10' Bench Seating - 10' w 2 Benches
10FB27 120''L x 56''W x 27''H 8
10FB29 120''L x 56''W x 29''H 8
8' Bench Seating - 8' w 2 Benches
8FB27 96"L X 56"W x 27"H 6-8
8FB29 96"L x 56"W x 29"H 6-8