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High Volume Funnels... printable version

  • High sides
  • Lip prevents splashes

Dispose flammable liquids safely. 6" long brass vent with flame arrestor and screen included. Cover is hinged, lockable and has a fusible link that melts at 165°F, automatically closing the cover. Fits standard 2" NPT bung openings. FM-approved. IN STOCK.

Poly Funnels

Pour liquids from cans, filters, and pails safely and easily. Poly funnels fit all 55- and 30-gal. closed-head drums and most 5-gal. pails. 18" dia. funnel allows access of 3/4" bung. Funnel spout fits any 2" NPT bung. Optional cover prevents content contamination. IN STOCK.

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JUSTRITE Fire-Resistant Drum Funnel
Product No. Wt. lbs. Price
YM-2037 Wt. 12 lbs.

Poly Funnels
Product No. Cap. Gal. Wt. lbs. Key Description Overall Dia.xH Price
YP-0060 5 6-1/2 C 6"H side-wall funnel 18" x 7"
YP-0061 5 6-1/2 C Side-wall funnel with screen 18" x 7"
YP-0062 6 C Side-wall funnel cover
YP-0352 2 4 D Low-profile funnel 21" x 2"
XP-461 4 D Low-profile funnel cover