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Economical Mechanical Bench Scale printable version

Legal for trade mechanical bench scale with Kilotech's built-in quality standards. Perfect for use where electronic devices may pose a "spark" threat, such as propane filling, or in shipping & receiving operations. Dual metric/avoirdupois counterweights are colour coded for easy visual identification. Hard wearing finish, tough cast iron construction and rust resistant brass beam will ensure years of trouble free maintenance. Visual accuracy is assured with metric reading on one side of the beam and avoirdupois on the other. FOB Factory


2 capacities : 50 & 100 kg ( 100 & 200 lb)
Rust resistant brass beam
Multiple readings, both metric and avoirdupois
Tough cast iron construction
Hard wearing enamel finish
Colour coded counterpoise weights for easy visual identification
Available as quick assembly for big freight savings
16 x 12" platform
Legal for trade approved by Measurement Canada
One year warranty


Item # Model Description
850000 SP 901 Capacity: 50 kg (100 lb)
Graduation - front beam: 2 kg (20 g)
Graduation - back beam: 5 lb (1 oz)

850010 SP 900 Capacity: 100 kg (200 lb)
Graduation - front beam: 5 kg (50 g)
Graduation - back beam: 10 lb (1 oz)

Product No. 850052
$249.00 Each $249.00
Product Options
100 lb. x 1 oz Item # 850050 200 lb. x 1 oz.

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