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Excel Line Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers - Abc Type printable version

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Product No. 408-21006204
Capacity Wt. 5 lb
Extinguishing Material Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
UL-Rating 3-A, 40-B:C
Fire Type Common Combustibles, Electrical Equipment, Flammable Liquids Gases & Solvents
Operating Pressure 195.0 psi
Operating Temp. 120 °F [Min], -40 °F [Max]
Operating Time 15.00 s
Operating Distance 18.000 ft
Height 19.800 in
Width 7.800 in
Dia. 4 1/2 in
Body Material Aluminum
Type Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical
Wt. 8 1/2 lb