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ROUNDUP ROUND SLINGS printable version

  • Designed especially for easy use and durability.
  • Chokes much better than standard slings and releases earlier.
Made of 100% polyester fiber in an endless or continuous loop. Double covered sling has superior strength and durability. Lightweight and easy to handle, store, and clean. Provides excellent resistance to ultra-violet rays and resists many acids (not alkalis). All slings are measured end to end including eyes and/or hardware. FOB Shipping Point.

Note: for slings over 3', order the 3' base item and then order item again choosing the option for "Adder per Ft." and enter the number of feet over 3' that you want.

Click on the Product No(s). below to view further information and order now!

Product No. Dia. Color Rated Cap. (lbs.)
Rated Cap. (lbs.)
Rated Cap. (lbs.)
Rated Cap. (lbs.)
Vet. Basket
Price Ea.
HENR7 1.62" Blue 21200 21,200 17,000 42,400
Adder Per Ft.$10.17
Base Price 3 ft.$34.54
HENR1 0.62" Purple 2600 2,600 2,100 5,200
Adder Per Ft.$2.71
Base Price 3 ft.$10.65
HENR2 0.87" Green 5300 5,300 4,200 10,600
Adder Per Ft.$3.51
Base Price 3 ft.$12.72
HENR3 1.12" Yellow 8400 8,400 6,700 16,800
Adder Per Ft.$4.60
Base Price 3 ft.$17.03
HENR4 1.12" Tan 10600 10,600 8,500 21,200
Adder Per Ft.$5.29
Base Price 3 ft.$19.28
HENR5 1.37" Red 13200 13,200 10,600 26,400
Adder Per Ft.$7.06
Base Price 3 ft.$25.09