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Lozier Display Shelving - Island Sections printable version

  • Select the height of your shelving.
  • Select one starter for every row.
  • Select number of add-on units needed to extend the row.
  • Don't forget to purchase shelves!
Lozier gondola display shelving is an attractive shelving at an economical price. Select the height of the islands. Lower heights give a better view of your store and decrease theft. Higher shelves increase storage. Don't forget to order endcaps for the ends of your islands. If your islands are 3' wide, order a 3' endcap. If they are 4' wide, order a 4' endcap. For any enquiries or for sizes you don't see here please call our office at 877-993-7225 and an experienced representative will assist you. All products are shipped FOB Factories. Click Here to Select the Shelves!

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Island Section Starter Units 54" Tall
Product No. Base Size Price
IS54131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$424.13
Pegboard Backs$275.75
IS54161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$430.63
Pegboard Backs$282.25
IS54191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$435.63
Pegboard Backs$287.25
IS54222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$452.38
Pegboard Backs$304.00
IS54252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$469.38
Pegboard Backs$321.00

Island Section Add-on Units 54" Tall
Product No. Base Size Price
IS54131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$318.50
Pegboard Backs$170.13
IS54161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$321.25
Pegboard Backs$172.88
IS54191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$324.50
Pegboard Backs$176.13
IS54222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$336.00
Pegboard Backs$187.63
IS54252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$347.50
Pegboard Backs$199.13

Island Section Starter Units 60" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS60131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$453.38
Pegboard Backs$282.50
IS60161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$459.88
Pegboard Backs$289.00
IS60191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$464.88
Pegboard Backs$294.00
IS60222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$481.63
Pegboard Backs$310.75
IS60252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$498.63
Pegboard Backs$334.25

Island Section Add-On Units 60" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS60131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$346.75
Pegboard Backs$175.88
IS60161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$349.50
Pegboard Backs$178.63
IS60191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$352.75
Pegboard Backs$181.88
IS60222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$364.25
Pegboard Backs$193.38
IS60252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$375.75
Pegboard Backs$204.88

Island Section Starter Units 66" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS66131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$500.38
Pegboard Backs$287.75
IS66161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$506.88
Pegboard Backs$294.25
IS66191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$511.88
Pegboard Backs$299.25
IS66222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$528.63
Pegboard Backs$316.00
IS66252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$545.63
Pegboard Backs$333.00

Island Section Add-on Units 66" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS66131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$392.75
Pegboard Backs$180.13
IS66161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$395.50
Pegboard Backs$182.88
IS66191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$398.75
Pegboard Backs$186.13
IS66222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$410.25
Pegboard Backs$197.63
IS66252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$421.75
Pegboard Backs$209.13

Island Section Starter Units 72" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS72131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$541.88
Pegboard Backs$295.00
IS72161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$548.38
Pegboard Backs$301.50
IS72191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$553.38
Pegboard Backs$306.50
IS72222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$570.13
Pegboard Backs$323.25
IS72252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$587.13
Pegboard Backs$340.25

Island Section Add-on Units 72" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS72131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$433.38
Pegboard Backs$186.50
IS72161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$436.13
Pegboard Backs$189.25
IS72191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$439.38
Pegboard Backs$192.50
IS72222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$450.88
Pegboard Backs$204.00
IS72252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$462.38
Pegboard Backs$215.50

Island Section Starter Units 78" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS78131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$598.13
Pegboard Backs$322.00
IS78161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$604.63
Pegboard Backs$328.50
IS78191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$609.63
Pegboard Backs$333.50
IS78222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$626.38
Pegboard Backs$350.25
IS78252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$643.38
Pegboard Backs$367.25

Island Section Add-on Units 78" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS78131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$484.75
Pegboard Backs$208.63
IS78161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$487.50
Pegboard Backs$211.38
IS78191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$490.75
Pegboard Backs$214.63
IS78222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$502.25
Pegboard Backs$226.13
IS78252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$513.75
Pegboard Backs$237.63

Island Section Starter Units 84" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS84131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$620.63
Pegboard Backs$331.25
IS84161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$627.13
Pegboard Backs$337.75
IS84191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$632.13
Pegboard Backs$342.75
IS84222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$648.88
Pegboard Backs$359.50
IS84252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$665.88
Pegboard Backs$376.50

Island Section Add-on Units 84" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS84131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$484.75
Pegboard Backs$215.38
IS84161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$487.50
Pegboard Backs$218.13
IS84191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$490.75
Pegboard Backs$221.38
IS84222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$502.25
Pegboard Backs$232.88
IS84252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$513.75
Pegboard Backs$244.38

Island Section Starter Units 90" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS90131306S 13"
Slotwall Backs$628.88
Pegboard Backs$343.00
IS90161606S 16"
Slotwall Backs$635.38
Pegboard Backs$349.50
IS90191906S 19"
Slotwall Backs$640.38
Pegboard Backs$354.50
IS90222206S 22"
Slotwall Backs$657.13
Pegboard Backs$371.25
IS90252506S 25"
Slotwall Backs$674.13
Pegboard Backs$388.25

Island Section Add-on Units 90" Tall
Product No. Shelf Depth Price
IS90131306S-A 13"
Slotwall Backs$509.75
Pegboard Backs$223.88
IS90161606S-A 16"
Slotwall Backs$512.50
Pegboard Backs$226.63
IS90191906S-A 19"
Slotwall Backs$515.75
Pegboard Backs$229.88
IS90222206S-A 22"
Slotwall Backs$527.25
Pegboard Backs$241.38
IS90252506S-A 25"
Slotwall Backs$538.75
Pegboard Backs$252.88